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Working with parents

The closer we work together, the more rewarding the experience is for you, your child and us. Whilst we are experts in early learning and childcare, we recognise you are the expert with your child.

This is why we attach so much importance in developing a strong relationship between our staff and parents through an effective communication.


It’s not just the children who have the fun at Eilmar. We organise several events on a regular basis to help parents meet each other, share experiences and talk to us. Some events are an opportunity to discuss children’s progress and development with the staff. We have share many special events including sports days, charity events, religious occasions where a real connection is made with all parents. It’s a fun way for the children to play together and for parents and staff to mix.

Open Door Policy

We are always looking to improve our services this is why we offer an open door policy, where parents can express theirĀ  concerns. Changes are made to help create a more simulating environment for your child and help us continually grow.

Read all about it

Our Monthly newsletter is sent to all parents to let you know about events, initiatives and general nursery news.