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Our Curriculum

As part of both government promoted teaching methods and the Montessori way, there are activities and learning goals that are appropriate for each age group throughout the day.

We have created an environment in our nursery that fully support a child’s development.

Exercises of every day living [Practical life skills]

These lead your child to independence, good manners, self-discipline, concentration, refinement of fine motor skills and an ability to cope well with their environment through taking an active part in the nursery.


To help your child refine and develop the use of their senses and consequently understand concepts within the environment, for example colour, weight, temperature and dimensions, we utilise Montessori equipment. This also helps prepare your child for reading, writing, arithmetic and geometry.


This leads to the enjoyment of spoken and written language, experimentation with words, stories, song and rhyme. We aim to extend your child’s vocabulary through learning phonetic letters and through sentence building, which allows them to understand elements of stories and to write common and familiar words. We also support children who use English as a second language.


We aim to develop your child’s mathematical ability through introducing numbers combining the sound, shape and visual appearance of the symbol together with the quantity. We work from simple to complex, reinforcing your child’s existing knowledge and then moving onto new concepts.

Physical development

These lead your child to move with confidence, show imagination and have awareness of safety, coordination and space through activities designed to improve balance and movement and improve handling of objects safely. We also introduce your child to how to keep healthy and recognise changes in their body whilst active.


These lead your child to an understanding of history (within the child’s lifetime), geography and culture, allowing the child to investigate and identify living things, objects and events. We maintain a global outlook on these subjects helping your child discover the world.

Personal, Social and emotional development

To help your child refine and develop their personal and social skills, we encourage children to respond to experiences and relationships and also encourage independent dressing and personal hygiene, supporting children to care for themselves.

Creative development

This leads to the enjoyment of colour, texture, shape, form and self-expression through arts and crafts, singing together from memory, dance, role-plays and story telling. Children are encouraged to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings by using various materials and tools.