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Healthy Eating

Our chefs provide nutritious and well balanced homemade meals made from fresh vegetables and fruits. The food is freshly prepared on the premises every day, using high quality seasonal ingredients. We pay attention in arousing children’s interest to healthy eating so that they learn where food comes from, what to eat and how to make right choices in the future.

Our nutritional policy takes into account best practice minimising the use of salt, sugar and other additives. Drinking water is available throughout the day. We cater for medical needs and religious requirements.

Meal times

Children sit in small groups and enjoy family style meal time with their friends. These are great occasions to promote independence, good manners and social behaviour: Children are encouraged to serve, talk to each other and clear up at the end of the meal.


Our rotations menus consist of 3 meals a day: Breakfast, lunch, and tea. Drinks and healthy snacks made of fresh fruit, vegetables. The menus reflect a diversity of cultures, enhancing children’s experiences of the wider world.

Sample menu:

  • Lunch: Jacket Potatoes with Cheese & Beans
  • Fresh Oranges
  • Tea: Lentil Daal served with naan bread and Rice
  • Fresh Peaches
  • Water/Milk is served until noon


Babies at Eilmar can expect of a rotation of different foods. All foods are prepared on the day with fresh produce we used the best ingredients to fuel your children. We welcome breast-feeding mothers, providing storage for expressed milk.

An example of our menu for babies:

  • Lunch: Turkey, Carrot & Swede Puree
  • Pear & Peach Puree
  • Tea: Parsnip & Spinach Puree
  • Banana Puree